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Where To Buy Best Roof Panel Roll Forming Machines?

Looking For Roof Panel Forming Machines?

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Zyforming is an experienced roof panel forming machine manufacturer in China.
We provide custom services to tailor-made roof roll-forming machines that form simple and complex roll-formed shapes.

Boost Your Business With Zyforming Roof Panel Forming Machines

  • 20+ years of experience
  • One-stop solution
  • 1 year warranty

Our Roof Roll Forming Machine Is Suitable For Different Types Of Metal Roof

There are some common styles of metal roofing that are made by Zyforming roof roll forming machines: corrugated metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs, interlocking metal shingles, etc. Our roofing machines can also form some unconventional shapes of metal roofing. For irregular shape metal roofing machines, please send us your requirements and parameters, our roll forming machine experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Zyforming Featured Roofing Machines

For customized metal roof forming machines, please contact us!

We are confident to say that you can basically not find better quality machines than ours in China. All the components of our roofing machines are of high quality.

  • Feeding material guide device, use high speed steel on both sides;
  • Its feature of High hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance to guarantee long life.


  • Solid shafts dia. 82 or 90mm for different material thickness.
  • All shafts are tooled twice by cylindrical grinding machine to ensure final precision.
  • Guarantee buyers get high accuracy deck sheet from Zhongyuan made machine.


  • All Rollers manufactured from 45# steel
  • CNC machines can improve rollers precision.
  • Chromate finish on surface to add hardness of rollers.

  • Design bearings inside the rollers to allow machine run with less loading so that rollers not easy to damage.
  • Ensure the same speed between all the rollers, no speed difference between rollers, improve the forming accuracy.
  • Bearings are helping to prolong machine life. Our made forming machines are allowed using more 15 years.
  • Side wall thickness: Q235 with thickness of 40mm
  • 16A-1 Chain and gear move the line, motor drives, about 26-steps stations to form
  • All the screw bolts with grade 8.8(Some other factories use low grade4.8) to ensure fix the machine structure tightly and long life during the machine long time running.
  • All processed rollers are assembled on the carpet to avoid scratching on the rollers’ surface.


  • Post to cut, stop to cutting or no-stop cutting for option
  • All cutting frame are heat treatment to remove the original stress of steel, reduce deformation, improve stability 
  • Cutting tool material: Cr12MoV,hardness can reach 58-60Hrc.
  • Machine can cut as buyers wanted sheet length,full automatically.
  • Control The Quantity And Cutting Length Automatically
  • Input the production data(such as production quantity,Length,etc.)on the touch screen , machine can finish the set production plan automatically.
  • One time buyer can set 20 batch data in the programme.

Components of control system

PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, relays, etc


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)

Touch screen

Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


OMRON or NEMICON (Japan brand)


Schneider(French brand)

Limit switch

Schneider(French brand)

Cut-to-Length Tolerance≤±1 mm

Ultimate Guide to Roof Forming Machines

If you have been in this roof panel manufacturing industry for many years and just want to replace a machine, you can contact us directly! If you don’t know much about this roofing machine, the information below may be helpful to you.

A roof panel forming machine, also known as a roofing sheet roll forming machine or roof panel roll former, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the construction and manufacturing industry. It is designed to produce metal or steel roofing panels or sheets with specific profiles and dimensions. These roofing panels are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for their durability and weather resistance.

Here are some key features and functions of a typical roof panel forming machine:

Material Feeding

The machine starts with a coil of metal or steel sheet as its raw material. This coil is loaded onto the machine’s feeding system.

Roll Forming

The heart of the machine is the roll forming section, which consists of a series of rollers that gradually shape the flat metal sheet into the desired profile. These rollers are often customized to create specific corrugations or rib patterns for the roofing panels.


After the roll forming process, a cutting mechanism is used to trim the roofing panel to the required length. There are different cutting methods, such as hydraulic shearing or flying cutoff systems.

Stacking or Collecting

The finished roofing panels are then typically stacked or collected at the end of the machine for further processing, packaging, or transportation.

Control System

Modern roof panel forming machines are equipped with a control system that allows operators to set various parameters, such as the desired panel dimensions, cutting lengths, and production speed.

Safety Features

Safety features like emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors are integrated to ensure the safety of the operators.

The specific design and capabilities of a roof panel forming machine can vary based on the requirements of the roofing product being manufactured. These machines can produce a wide range of roofing profiles, including corrugated, standing seam, and tile profiles.

Roof panel forming machines play a crucial role in the construction and manufacturing industry by automating the production of roofing materials, which are essential for protecting buildings from weather elements and providing structural integrity.

Contact Zyforming If you still have questions about roof panel roll forming machines!

May Fu

May Fu

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My name is May Fu, I am the sales manager for Zyforming. I have been working in roll forming machine industry for over 20 years. I can recommend the most suitable roll forming machine to you at the most competitive prices. From product selection to addressing any issues that may arise during your purchasing, I am well-versed in every aspect and can assure you of the most hassle-free service! Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

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