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two waves guardrail roll forming machine

Two Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

In the field of road safety, W-beam crash barrier machinery plays an indispensable role. These machines are the driving force behind the creation of those distinctive W-shaped guardrails that adorn highways and major roads, serving as protective shields that keep vehicles on the road and ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. On this page, we will delve deep into various aspects of W-beam crash barrier machinery, from its construction to its crucial role in enhancing road safety, and provide a comprehensive introduction to our two waves guardrail roll forming machine.

Key Points:

  • The warranty is 36 months after the client receives the machine.
  • Within The 36 months, we will send replacement parts to the client free of charge. 
  • Provide life technology support and maintenance service .
  • Operation manual and installation videos will be supplied to buyers when delivery of machines.
  • Excellent strength
  • Anti corrosive parts
  • Simple to install
  • Hassle free functioning

Main Technical Parameters

Control The Quantity And Cutting Length AutomaticallyInput the production data(such as production quantity,Length,etc.)on the touch screen , machine can finish the set production plan automatically.One time buyer can set 20 batch data in the programme.

Machine model Purlin Roll Former Operation way Automatic machine
Certification ISO9001,CE Warranty 36 Months
Customized Customized Advantage More 10 years life time
Weight About 23T Material thickness 2.5-3.0mm
Suiting material Galvanized coils Cutting material Cr12MOV.,Hardness 58-60HRC
Main motor 5.5kw*3 Forming rollers qty. 17 stations
Shafts diameter 82 or 90 mm Roller Material Cr12MOV.,Hardness 58-60HRC
Machine frame H450 Wall thickness 45mm
Forming speed About 25m/min. Transportation In Containers,suiting for sea and road transmission.
Trademark Zhongyuan HS Code 84552210

How do we Manufacture
Two Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Machine Body Parts

  • Feeding material guide device, use high speed steel on both sides; its feature of
  • High hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance to guarantee long life.


  • Solid shafts dia. 82 or 90mm for different material thickness.
  • All shafts are tooled twice by cylindrical grinding machine to ensure final precision.
  • Guarantee buyers get high accuracy deck sheet from Zhongyuan made machine.


  • All Rollers are made from Cr12MOV.,Hardness 58-60HRC
  • CNC machines can improve rollers precision.  
  • Chromate finish on surface to add hardness of rollers.

  • Design bearings inside the rollers to allow machine run with less loading so that rollers not easy to damage.
  • Ensure the same speed between all the rollers, no speed difference between rollers, improve the forming accuracy.
  • Bearings are helping to prolong machine life. Our made forming machines are allowed using more 15 years.
  • Machine frame made from H450 type steel by welding,planned on surface to guarantee precision

  • Side wall thickness: 45mm


  • Motor Driving, Worm gear driving transmission, about 15-steps stations to form

  • Main Motor=7.5KWx3, Frequency speed control

  • All the screw bolts with grade 8.8(Some other factories use low grade4.8) to ensure fix the machine structure tightly and long life during the machine long time running.

  • Forming speed about 25m/min.

  • All processed rollers are assembled on the carpet to avoid scratching on the rollers’ surface.

  • Automatic post-cutting style, guarantee guardrail panel shape.
  • All cutting frame are heat treatment to remove the original stress of steel, reduce deformation, improve stability 
  • Cutting tool material: Cr12MoV,hardness can reach 58-60Hrc.
  • Machine can cut as buyers wanted sheet length,full automatically.   

  • Control The Quantity And Cutting Length Automatically
  • Input the production data(such as production quantity,Length,etc.)on the touch screen , machine can finish the set production plan automatically.
  • One time buyer can set 20 batch data in the programme.

Components of control system

PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, relays, etc


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)

Touch screen

Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


OMRON or NEMICON (Japan brand)


Schneider(French brand)

Limit switch

Schneider(French brand)

Cut-to-Length Tolerance≤±1 mm


The Best Solution For
Two Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

China Zhongyuan Machinery Manufacturer established in the year 2003 are indulged in manufacturing and exporting Roll Forming Machine. We offer an extensive range of Roll Forming Machine, C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Cold Sheet Forming Machine,Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine. We supply the best quality products to our clients. in addition to this, we also provide on-time delivery of roll forming machines.

We guarantee lifetime services for our machines.Our experience technicians can go to your factory and train your workers.

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Machine Components

Suiting Raw Material 

Where to use production of
Two Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

W beam guardrail roll forming machine is a continuous structure that is spliced with W beam guardrail panels and supported by the main column. It uses the deformation of the soil foundation, columns, and beams to absorb the collision energy, and force the out-of-control vehicles to change direction and return to the normal driving direction to prevent the vehicles from rushing out of the road, so as to protect the vehicles and passengers and reduce the damage caused by accidents.

Table of Contents

Introduction to W Beam Crash Barriers

W beam crash barriers, also known as guardrails, are meticulously engineered to absorb the energy of a vehicle impact and redirect the vehicle back onto the roadway, thwarting it from straying into oncoming traffic or veering off the road. These barriers stand as an indispensable component of our road infrastructure, safeguarding the lives of countless road users globally.

The Fundamentals of W Beam Crash Barrier Machinery

W beam crash barrier machinery represents specialized equipment dedicated to crafting these vital safety barriers with maximum efficiency. These machines are purpose-built to manufacture the W-shaped steel guardrails that constitute the core of crash barriers.

Key Components of W Beam Crash Barrier Machinery

To gain insight into the operation of these machines, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with their essential components. Typically, they encompass a roll forming apparatus, a material feeder, a cutting mechanism, and a control panel.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involves the continuous feeding of a steel strip into the machinery, where a sequence of forming and shaping operations transforms it into the distinctive W-shaped profile. Subsequently, the machine cuts the guardrails to the specified length.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Sustaining high-quality standards is of paramount importance in the production of crash barriers. A rigorous regimen of quality control measures is enforced to guarantee that the guardrails conform to the exacting safety and durability standards.

Varieties of W Beam Crash Barriers

W beam crash barriers come in various iterations, including thrie-beam barriers and cable barriers, each tailored to address distinct safety considerations and road configurations.


In summary, W beam crash barrier machinery stands as an integral pillar of road safety, churning out the protective barriers that save lives on a daily basis. Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of their construction, advantages, and role in our road infrastructure is indispensable for anyone involved in the transportation industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A W-beam crash barrier roll forming machine is a specialized industrial apparatus employed in the fabrication of W-shaped guardrails or crash barriers commonly found on highways and roads to enhance vehicle safety. It expertly shapes and forms metal sheets into the distinctive W-beam configuration.

This machine operates by continuously feeding a metal strip, typically galvanized steel, through a sequence of rollers and dies. These rollers gradually bend and shape the metal into the desired W-beam profile, with the machine capable of cutting the formed beam to the required length.

Typically, these machines are designed to work with materials like galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, or aluminum. If your material is unique or specialized, please inform us, and our experts will provide prompt assistance.

The key components encompass a decoiler (for raw material feeding), a leveling unit, a punching unit (for adding holes if needed), a roll forming unit, a cutting unit, and a control system for monitoring and regulating the machine's operations.

The production capacity varies depending on the specific machine and its design. Some machines can produce up to 15 meters of W-beam per minute, while others may offer higher or lower production rates. The choice should align with the project's requirements.

Yes, many roll forming machines provide the flexibility to customize the W-beam profile, including its dimensions, shape, and hole patterns. This adaptability ensures compatibility with diverse road projects.

Safety features may include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlocking systems to prevent accidents. Adequate training and adherence to safety protocols are imperative for safe machine operation. Zyforming provides comprehensive machine operation training for our clients. Should any safety concerns arise during operation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Routine maintenance is essential to ensure the machine's longevity and optimal performance. This encompasses cleaning, lubricating moving components, inspecting for wear and tear, and assessing electrical elements. Specific maintenance schedules will be provided by the machine manufacturer.

The cost of the machine hinges on factors such as capacity, features, and brand. It is imperative to consider not only the initial purchase cost but also operational expenses, maintenance, and potential return on investment.

You can source these machines from manufacturers, authorized dealers, or specialized machinery suppliers. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and comparisons to identify a machine that aligns with your production needs and budget.


As a manufacturer with decades of experience in the roll forming machine industry, Zyforming possesses extensive knowledge of high-quality roll forming machines. We are well-equipped to handle the logistics of shipping machines globally. We are confident that we can assist you in finding the most suitable machine for your requirements and guide you through any potential challenges in the procurement process. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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