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Roofing sheets Manufacturing Machine

As a real roof and wall panel roll forming machine manufacturer & factory in China, Zyforming provide high quality roll forming machines that improve the precision and effectiveness of your roofing sheet and wall sheet production.

Featured Metal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Roof Roll Forming Machine

Roof Roll Forming Machine

Effective width: 1001mm
Material Thickness: 0.3 mm-0.7mm
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils

Long Span Roll Forming Machine

Long Span Roll Forming Machine

Effective width: 1000mm
Material Thickness: 0.2 mm-0.7mm
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils or Aluminium coils

Fly cutting Metal Cladding Roll Forming Machine

Fly-Cutting Metal Cladding Roll Forming Machine

Effective width: 1001mm
Material Thickness: 0.3 mm-0.7mm
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils

1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming Machine

1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming Machine

Effective width: 1200mm
Material Thickness: 0.3 mm-0.7mm
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils


RN100-35 Profile Roll Forming Machine

Effective width: 1000mm
Material Thickness:0.4 mm-1.0mm
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils

Which Roofing Roll Forming machine is right for you?

We have rich experience in metal sheet forming machine solutions, and can offer competitive price and excellent service.
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Zyforming Roof Roll Forming Machine Stands Out Among Others

a) Zyforming roll forming machine has Precision Machined Rollers.

Some inferior rollers from other factories.

b) Zyforming roll forming machine has Bearing Inside The Roller.

Zyforming roll forming machine is the only roll forming machine in China equipped with roller bearings.

rollers (1)

a) Grinded Shaft Can Reach Greater Accuracy.


b) Frame


Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

How to Choose Good Quality Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Established in 2003, Zhongyuan Machinery Factory is experienced manufacturer of metal sheet forming machinery with ISO quality system.

Roll forming machine should be ISO certified

“ISO certified” refers to a certification issued by the International Organization for Standardization. The roll forming machine manufacturer you choose should adhere to internationally recognized practices for quality management, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in its products or services. 

Roll forming machine should be ISO certified
Check the process steps in the roll forming machine manufacturer

Check the process steps in the roll forming machine manufacturer

  • Every process in the manufacturing of good quality roll forming machines centers around high-precision implementation.
  • The good quality is based on high quality raw material, hydraulic station and PLC controller, as well as high precision processed parts.
  • MITSUBISHI controlling system for roll forming machines is highly recognized.
  • Machine frame and rollers and shafts of roll forming machine must be processed with high precision.

Warranty service is available or not?

You need to know whether your supplier provides after-sales service, including roll-forming machine installation, operation training, maintenance, etc.
Sometimes the price is pretty low because some suppliers don’t offer after-sales service.

Warranty service is available or not
Cost of the machine maintenance

Cost of the machine maintenance

You’ll typically see they come with a fee, whether it’s on a daily or seasonal basis. This fee usually covers things like electricity and maintenance. It’s crucial to keep an eye on these costs because they directly impact your budget and how smoothly your operation runs. By keeping those operating costs low, you give your business more room to grow and succeed.


A roll forming machine is a device designed to fabricate consistent lengths of metal shapes with uniform cross-sections. This involves guiding metal sheets through a succession of rollers that progressively mold the metal into the desired configuration.

When choosing a roll forming machine, there are a few key things to think about. Here they are:

1. Material Type and Thickness

First off, think about what kind of material you'll be working with and how thick it is. Roll forming machines can handle different materials like steel, aluminum, and copper. The thickness of the material matters too. Make sure the machine you choose can handle the type and thickness of the material you plan to use.

2. Profile Shape and Complexity

Consider the shape and complexity of the profiles you want to make. Some machines are good for simple shapes, while others can handle more complicated ones. If you're making intricate shapes, you'll need a more advanced machine.

Profile Shape and Complexity

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right roll forming machine:

Step 1: Figure Out Your Production Needs

Start by identifying your production requirements, such as the material type and thickness, profile shape, complexity, and volume. This will help you narrow down your choices and find a machine that suits your specific needs.

Step 2: Research Manufacturers and Models

Explore the various manufacturers and models available in the market. Check out reviews and ratings from other customers and industry experts. Consider factors like the manufacturer’s reputation, machine quality, and available support and maintenance.

Step 3: Get Quotes and Compare Prices Based on Your Quality Requirements

Roll forming machines vary in quality from one company to another, so it’s important to know whether you prioritize price or quality. Once you’ve shortlisted your options, request quotes from different manufacturers and compare prices based on your quality or technical requirements. Remember to factor in the long-term return on investment (ROI) when making your decision.

Step 4: Explore Financing Options

If the upfront cost of the machine is a concern, look into financing options. Many manufacturers offer financing plans that allow you to spread out the cost over time.

Step 5: Seek Advice from Experts

Consult with industry experts who have years of experience. They can provide valuable insights and help you find the best solutions for your application.

Whether you're an established player in the metal roofing business or a newcomer to the field, finding a trustworthy supplier for your metal sheet roll forming machine can be a daunting task.

Before you begin your search for a supplier, it's essential to understand the qualities that make a reliable roll forming machine supplier.

A roll forming machine supplier can be a manufacturer, a dealer, or a distributor of metal roll formers. Prices, product quality, service, technical support, and industry experience can vary widely among them.

In general, companies and factories with a longer track record in the roll forming machine industry tend to have a deeper understanding of the field and its machinery. They often boast superior manufacturing technology, comprehensive service systems, and extensive freight experience, which can help their clients avoid unnecessary hassles at various stages.

With over 20 years of experience in roll forming machine R&D, Zyforming is confident in being your most dependable supplier of sheet metal roll formers.

How Can Zyforming Benefit Your Business?


Cost Savings on High-Quality Machines

Zyforming can offer competitive prices as we manufacture machines from raw materials in our self-operated factory, cutting costs at every stage of production.

  • Guaranteed High Quality and Precision

We maintain strict control over every aspect of production, ensuring high quality and precision in every part of our sheet metal roll forming machines.

  • Quality Control Measures

Our roll forming machines boast:

Rollers made from 45# steel, machined with CNC technology, and surface-treated with chromate finish for added hardness.

Design bearings inside forming rollers to reduce loading, prevent roller damage, and ensure uniform speed and accuracy.

Solid steel shafts meticulously tooled for precision, guaranteeing high accuracy in the final product.

Machine frames made from Q235 steel with a 40mm thickness, surface-planned for improved precision.

16A-1 chain and gear mechanisms, motor-driven with about 26 stations for forming, all rollers assembled with care to avoid surface damage.

Market-Specific Recommendations

With customers worldwide, we understand which metal profile sheets are in demand in different regions. We can recommend the most suitable options to enhance your business competitiveness.

  • Customized Solutions

We've supplied metal panel rolling solutions to over 2000 customers in more than 70 countries, allowing us to tailor machines to your specific needs, ensuring satisfaction and success.

  • Installation and Training Support

    Our professional technicians can assist with installation, operation training, and maintenance at your factory, ensuring a smooth transition to using our profile roll forming machines.

    If you're in need of a roll forming machine supplier, contact Zyforming today! Let us help you deepen your understanding of the industry and our machines, and maximize your business benefits.


An R Panel Roll Forming Machine is specialized equipment crafted to convert flat metal sheets into R-shaped panels, commonly utilized in construction projects. This process involves precise bending and cutting, resulting in consistently sized panels with robust structural integrity.What Is R Panel Roll Forming Machine
R Panel Roll Forming Machine

Advantages of Using R Panel Roll Forming Machines from China

China has emerged as a global manufacturing powerhouse, with its machinery, including R Panel Roll Forming Machines, gaining recognition for their quality and cost-effectiveness. Zyforming, one of China's top 5 R panel roll former manufacturers, is renowned for delivering high-quality equipment for R panel manufacturing. With extensive production expertise, Zyforming offers customizable services to tailor machines to your specific needs while maintaining reasonable prices without compromising quality. If you're in search of a dependable R panel roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier, Zyforming should be your first consideration.

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing R Panel Roll Forming Machines

Investing in a roll forming machine necessitates careful consideration of various features. If you're unsure about the key factors to consider when making a purchase decision, don't hesitate to reach out to Zyforming. They can guide you through everything from speed and efficiency to material-handling capabilities.

Tips for Selecting the Right R Panel Roll Forming Machine Supplier in China

To find the ideal R Panel Roll Forming Machine supplier in China, conduct thorough research on potential candidates. Look for companies with solid reputations, extensive experience, and positive customer feedback, focusing on their track record of delivering quality machines. Verify compliance with international quality standards to ensure the machines meet industry requirements. Assess the supplier's specialization, technology, and innovation to ensure they offer advanced and efficient equipment.

Evaluate flexibility and customization options, prioritizing suppliers that provide tailored solutions for your production needs. Ensure pricing transparency by understanding cost structures and potential additional charges. Effective communication and responsive customer support are crucial; opt for a supplier with seamless collaboration channels.

Seek references and testimonials to gauge reliability, and inquire about after-sales service and warranty policies. Conduct a comparative analysis of multiple suppliers, considering production timelines, delivery schedules, and overall service. By following these steps, you can identify the ideal R Panel Roll Forming Machine supplier in China for your manufacturing requirements.

Contact Zyforming today to secure your R panel roll forming machine!

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