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Roll Fomring Machine 101 – Installation, Testing, Maintenance, and Safty Guide


This is a manual for operating a roll forming machine, which provides a detailed explanation of all the essential points that must be understood when using the machine. By referring to the table of contents below, you can get a rough idea of what this article will cover. If you are interested, please continue reading. If you have any other questions related to the roll forming machine, please feel free to contact us. As an expert in the roll forming machine industry, Zyforming is more than happy to help clarify any doubts you may have.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Main Parameters
3. Installing and Testing Machine
4. Maintenance and Safety
5. Lifting and Transportation
6. Electric system
7. Attachment

we have right of retention for amendment of operation manual for this product without informing of user, and this operation manual is only for technical problem reference, no legal usage.

1. Introduction

Zyforming roll form machine is mainly used to produce different kinds of panel. This equipment is made up of following main parts: feeding, transmission, roll forming, cutting and electric system. The machine is artistically made and transmits smoothly at a low noise. It is a very welcomed modern building material with better anti-press and anti-bending performance, and is widely used in the building of modern factories, civil-construction etc. Its length is set according to customer’s requirements and transportation situation. Its color is selected from the color code of the steel factory.

2. Main Parameters

1) Outside measurement, refer to attached layout

roll forming machine main parameters
2) Raw material Specifications:
Material: Color steel sheet
Material thickness: 0.5mm
Yield strength: 235Mpa
3) Total power for machine:
Main motor
Power: 3 KW*2
Power for hydraulic station:5.5KW

3. Installing and Testing Machine

1) Installation:

STEP 1. Please put machine on the ground leveling first.
Release the tubing, wires and other fittings, please check if there is any spare part broken.
STEP 2. Please find these two tubes which connect to the hydraulic station.

hydraulic station of roll forming machine 

STEP 3. Please find two Rubber bands for connecting the tubing and hydraulic station to avoid hydraulic oil’s leaking out.

STEP 4. Connected the tubes come from the cutting device,10 tubes in total, 8 tubes are from 4 hydraulic punching devices,two tubes are from post cutting device.It will mark numbers on tubes,connect with the hydraulic station according to the marks

STEP 5. Please add No 46. Hydraulic oil about 250kgs into hydraulic station.

STEP 6. There are three holes on the side of controller. Left one for connecting hydraulic station; middle one is for connecting punching device,right one for connecting cutting device. Please connect as per photos guiding.


STEP 7. Please open the back door of the controller. Firstly, please find wires of the main motor on machine,Secondly, connect main motor wire into U2.1 V2.1 W2.1 and U2.2 V2.2 W2.2.Usually,the blue wire connect with U2,red wire connect with V2,green wire connect with W2. Thirdly,connect the local electric power with L1, L2, L3 like below:

2) Testing

A. Testing the Hydraulic Station Whether Work in the Right Direction

I) Open the electrical power

II) Test the hydraulic station motor and the main motor of the machine running. Turn the button OFF/ON to the ON place, the button of Power will on, press the button Oil pump start. Check if the hydraulic station motor running the way as the red mark shows.
PAY ATTENTION: If the running way turns reverse, please check the connect situation of the main wire. To check this, please turn off the electrical power and then open the connecting place to find 2 blue switches. Turn these 2 switches off.

Then to exchange the place of any 2 of 3 wires. For example, you may exchange the place of green wire with red wire, Usually, the blue wire connect with U2, red wire connect with V2, green wire connect with W2.
After that, the hydraulic motor can run in the right direction.

B. Test The Roll Forming Machine

We suggest you try one piece of steel sheet before mass production. Adjust the guiding device (please first confirm one side and then adjust the other side. It is better for roll forming if the sheet is neither too tight nor too loose.

a. Feeding the steel sheets. Please turn PLC controller’s button OFF/ON to On position. The button of Power on, press button Oil pump start. Then press the button “main motor forward”. Please final turn the button main frame forward when the sheets completely go into the machine

b. Cut the waste part of head of steel sheet.
There are two ways in cutting of the products: automatic and manual. The automatic way is used in mass production after the length of the sheets is determined. The manual way is only used in testing.
Before the operation of the cutting system, you must check the oil tank. Hydraulic oil level must reach to the upper line, if not; add 46# oil into it. Start the oil pump and set the performance pressure to 10 Mpa, and also test the movement of the equipment to be normal. When the performance length is reached, the cutter will automatically cut: the machine stop, cut the sheet, touch the lower switch, the blade move up, touch the upper switch, cutting finished, and the machine start again.
c. Set up the length and blocks of the sheets you need to produce ( please find details in the specification book shipped with the machine)
d. After finishing the test, you may start to exchange the working station from manually to automatically. The machine will produce the products according to the data you set up.

Adjust the Machine While Making Different Size and Different Punching Holes:
a. Punching hole: There are four punching device, the user choose a different punching device as per requirement. For example, the product needs to use the number 1 and 3 punching devices, move the number 2 and 4 punching device into the most outside place, and then move the number 1 and 3 punching devices into the punching needed place with the hand wheels.

b. Adjust the rollers space while making different sizes:
Step 1. As each size has a width measurer, choose the size that want to produce. Put the width measurer into the gap of the shaft of the forming roller. For example, if you want to make the size of 258, use the 258 to put in the gap of the shaft.

Step 2. If want to make a smaller size, then rotate the width adjust device with an anti-clockwise direction. If want to make a bigger size, then rotate the width adjust device in the clockwise direction. For example, if you want to change the size from 258 to 378. Firstly rotate the width adjust device in a clockwise direction to make the gap of the shaft bigger, and then put the 378 width measurer into the gap and use the width adjust device to make it tight.

Step 3. Adjust the rubber rollers which in front of the cutter so that they can fit with the width of the sheet.

4. Maintenance and Safety

1) When the steel coil is lifted up and moved onto the feeding frame, there be no man under the coil, when approaching the stand of the bearing, should have one person on each side to walk along, erecting the coil and put the coil onto the stand of the bearing lightly.
2) During operation, make sure the covers of the chain and the gear are assembled and remember not to put your hand into the roller in case of an accident.
3) Before work, test the cutting equipment first, check the oil tank to see whether it is normal, and check the cutting action and the restoration action of the stand of the cutting to see if they are normal. If they aren’t normal, which will destroy the cutting system during working.
4) every day, before operating, add lubrication oil to the rotating parts of the equipment to reduce the degree of wear of the machine, the chain and gear of the main motor once a month, and reducer once a month.

5. Lifting and Transportation

1) Crane or other lifting tool should be used when lift it.
2) When lifting there should be no men under the crane or around it in case of an accident.
During lifting、assembling and disassembling, soft material should be used to prevent the painted surface from scratching and destroying.

6. The Electric System

1) Brief introduction
The control system of this device is made up of Mitsubishi FR series Inverter, FX series programmable controller; GS2107 touch screen and low-voltage electrical components. This machine chooses the optical encoder for measuring which can automatically fixed-length cut with stable and reliable system performance and the operation is simple and convenient, also it can be multiple sets of data at the same time setting, automatic continuous production.

2) Operation Steps
Please make sure all the air switches in the controller are on, and release the switch of Emergency stop, then turn the key switch to the position of “ON”, the power lights on.
And after that, you can see on the touch screen, screen appears:

Operation screen
Operation Screen

a. Manual operation
In operation screen, press “Manually” to enter into manual operation screen:

Manual Operation Screen

This screen can monitor whether the up and down limit switches of punching device, cutting device work well, the light will on when the limit switches have a signal.

These are used for chose 1#, 2#, 3, 4# punching dies, use which punching die and press which one.


This button can be used after the bending function has been installed. Press this button and then use the bending function.

This means it is under the bending function.

“Clear”means clear the data in the encoder.

This means: cutter upward moving.

This means: cutter downward moving.

In the controller operation panel, press “oil pump start/stop” button, when the pump starts, turn the “manual/auto” button into ”manual” and then can operate the buttons of “main motor forward”, “main motor reverse”, ”manual cutting”.
Feeding the coil and letting the sheet come out from the cutter,  press “Pre-cutting” , and cut down a small distance of the sheet. After that turn “manual/auto” into “auto”, and get into automatic production.

Controller Operation Panel

b. Auto operation:
In the operation screen, press “Set Parameter”, enter into the data setting screen
Before setting the data, press “Reset” or press the button of “Reset” in the controller panel first, will appear below warning:

Warning Screen

Press “Yes” clear the old data and then input the new data.
For example: Make 10pcs 3000mm length sheet, press “0” will come out the number keyboard. Input the length 3000, press “ENT”. Press “0” after the “Set Blocks” , input the 10, press “ENT”.If have many batches sheet, can input the data in one time, one time can input 10 different batches sheet data.
Press “Working State”, enter into working screen.

Working Screen

Press “Clear” will come out the encoder reset warning;

Encoder Reset Warning

Press “Yes” will clear the data in encoder only,won’t clear the finished set data.
Pay attention:


This clears all the data, including the data of encoder.

This clears the data in encoder only.

This shows the punching number of the machine is using.

Press ”Main motor forward” button, can enter into automatic production. If needs stop the machine while working, pressing ”main motor stop” can stop the production. When re-start production, press “main motor forward” button. Machine will start production again. In this screen can real-time monitor the sheet actual length, actual blocks, etc. When all the sheets are finished production, the setting length and setting blocks will be 0, and the actual length and actual blocks will be 0 also.
When the machine needs to make new sheets, press or “reset” in the controller operation panel”, follow the above steps to start again.

c. Length parameter modification
On the operation screen, pressing “Modify System Parameter”, then appears the length parameter revise screen.

If there is a large deviation between the required length and the produced length, you can use the following method to modify the length parameter:
For example: if you want the length of the plate with 6000mm, but the actually produced length of the plate is 5900mm,

The length of the amendment parameters (old) was the original data on screen;
The length of the amendment parameters(new)is the data after a recount.
Press “Compute” to enter into auto calculation, input setting length and actual length, press “OK!” , the calculation finish. This result will be the new amendment parameter.

It is the distance of the machine from high speed to middle speed.

It is the distance of the machine from middle speed to stop.

It means the distance from the positioning fiber to the length cutting.(the distance of 1#,2#,3#,4# punching die)

This means the blade thickness, it is the thickness of 3-blade cutting. And the parameter is “0” when the number of cutters is 2.
4. Notes:
1. This equipment has a memory function. In the production process, if incur a sudden power outage, when the power has been restored, start the mainframe and the pump, then press the “main frame forward” button, the machine will continue to produce, there is no need to reset the number of length and blocks.
2. If meet a state of emergency or accident, press the “emergency stop” button to stop all operations. (Clockwise rotation “emergency stop” button for resetting)
3. All electrical components should be kept clean, cleaning once a month. In addition to the need for cleaning and adjusting, the electrical box door should be closed and not free to open.
4. If there are some faults that happened during work, the machine should be repaired by a professional electrician or electrical maintenance.

7. Attachment

programmable controller input-output table and electrical schematic.

Programmable controller input-output table 
X0 Punching Encoder A Phase Y0 Main Motor Forward(STF)
X1 Punching Encoder B Phase Y1 Main Motor Reverse(STR) Indicate Light
X2 Manual/Auto Y2 Low Speed(RL)
X3 Cutting Encoder A Phase Y3 High Speed(RH)
X4 Cutting Encoder A Phase Y4 Forward Indicate Light
X5   Y5 Oil Pump Indicate Light
X6 Main Motor Forward Y6  
X7 Main Motor Reverse Y7  
X10 Main Motor Stop Y10 Oil Pump Motor(KM1)
X11 Oil Pump Start/Stop Y11 1# Punching Up(KA1)
X12 Reset Y12 1# Punching Down(KA2)
X13 Manual Cutting Y13 Presser Foot Up(KA3)
X14 1# Punching Up Limit Y14 Presser Foot Down(KA4)
X15 1# Punching Down Limit Y15 Cutter Up(KA5)
X16 Cutter Up Limit Y16 Cutter Down(KA6)
X17 Cutter Down Limit Y17 Pressure Valve(KA7)
X20 Cutter Middle Limit Y20 2# Punching Up(KA8)
X21 Press Tight Up Limit Y21 2# Punching Down(KA9)
X22 Press Tight Down Limit Y22 3# Punching Up(KA10) 
X23 Positioning Fiber Y23 3# Punching Down (KA11)
X24 Slow Down Light Control Y24 4# Punching Up(KA12)
X25   Y25 4# Punching Down(KA13)
X26   Y26  
X27 Emergency Button Y27  
X30 2# Punching Up Limit Y30  
X31 2# Punching Down Limit Y31  
X32 3# Punching Up Limit Y32  
X33 3# Punching Down Limit Y33  
X34 4# Punching Up Limit Y34  
X35 4# Punching Down Limit Y35  
X36   Y36  
X37   Y37  
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