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How To Tell A High-Quality Cladding Roll Forming Machine From Inferior One?

A metal cladding roll forming machine is a type of industrial machinery used to produce cladding panels, which are used in the construction of buildings and other structures such as metal roofs and walls.

R Panel Profile

R Panel Profile

u panel profile

U Panel Profile

TUFF RIB panel profile

Tuff-Rib Panel Profile

Box Rib panel profile

Box Rib Panel Profile

  • Metal Cladding Roll Forming Machine Working Flow

Decoiler → Roll Forming machine→ hydraulic cutting  → output table

Raw material thickness range: 0.2-0.8mm

Raw material: PPGI or GI or S.S

Forming speed range: 20-35m/min.

The machine uses a continuous bending process to shape a metal coil into a cladding panel, which can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, steel.

The machine works by feeding a metal coil through a series of rollers, which gradually bend and shape the material into the desired profile. The rollers are carefully designed to create the specific shape and size of the cladding panel, and can be adjusted to produce panels of different widths and thicknesses.

The resulting cladding panels are strong, durable, and weather-resistant, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications. Cladding roll forming machines are commonly used in the construction industry, and can be found in factories and workshops around the world.

Metal Cladding Roll Forming Machine Components

A cladding roll forming machine typically consists of several main components, including:

  • Decoiler: This component is used to hold and uncoil the metal coil that will be formed into the cladding sheets.
  • Feeding unit: This unit feeds the metal coil into the roll forming machine.
  • Roll forming machine: This is the main component of the cladding roll forming machine. It consists of a series of rollers that progressively shape the metal into the desired cladding profile.
  • Cutting unit: This component is used to cut the cladding sheets to the desired length.
  • Control system: This system controls the speed, direction, and other parameters of the roll forming process.
  • Hydraulic system: This system provides the power to operate the cutting unit and other hydraulic components of the machine.
  • Electrical system: This system provides the power to operate the control system and other electrical components of the machine.
  • Safety features: Cladding roll forming machines typically include safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety guards to protect operators from injury.

How To Tell A High-Quality Cladding Roll Forming Machine From Inferior One?

Let’s take a look at a few pictures and you will understand

  • Precision machined rollers v.s. inferior rollers

Zyforming machines rollers by CNC digital-controlled procession. And our rollers are plated with hard chrome with a thickness of 0.05mm on the surface.


High-Quality Shaft and Frame


Thick Wall Panel

Zyforming Cladding Roll Forming Machine has a wall panel of 40mm thickness

  • Make sure the machine more than 15 years long life.
  • Make sure the high quality final product.
Thick Wall Panel

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