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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine For Sale​

It mainly used for highway, large parking areas, the scenic areas, provincial roads, rural roads, and other anti-collision safety engineering construction.
Our experienced engineers are ready to design your high-efficiency roll formers to produce w beam guardrails, the beam guardrails, and other road safety barriers.

Guardrail or Guard rail is a protection system that prevents vehicles from entering dangerous areas of expressways. The thickness of the guardrail can reach 4.0mm.
The most common type of guardrail is W-shaped steel beams, also called two-wave guardrails. Now, The Beam guardrail is a new trend, which is similar to forming two W-Beam guardrails into one new guardrail.

Highway Guardrail By Highway Guardrail Machine

Scenes To Be Set

Our machines are suitable for various scenarios

Guardrail Panels Made By Zhongyuan Highway Guardrail Forming Machine

Structure guardrail

Structure guardrail is used to protect people, machinery, and property from accidents involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving facility helps to prevent damage to equipment or facilities by providing a strong barrier along aisle ways or in front of expensive or critical equipment. Create a safety barrier to save the expense of costly downtime repairs by preventing accidents and damage.

W beam Highway Guardrail

Highway guardrail can prevent accidents and damage.When hit head-on, the impact head slides down the guardrail flattening, or extruding, the guardrail and redirecting the guardrail away from the vehicle until the vehicle’s impact energy is dissipated and the vehicle has decelerated to a stop. Zyforming – w beam crash barrier roll forming machine manufacturer – offer  three years warranty by free.

Guardrail On Highway

Highway Guardrails are Essential to Highway Safety Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, is widely installed to keep the vehicles running inside of road. Our guardrail roll former is designed with gear box transmission, more 15 years life time.

Thrie Beam Guardrail

This is Thrie W beam guardrail. Highway Guardrails are Essential to Highway Safety Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, is widely installed to keep the vehicles running inside of road. Our guardrail cold roll forming machine is with three years warranty, made from 20+ years experience manufacturer.

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We can provide custom roll forming
machines that make the roofing panels you want.

  • In addition to these panels presented here, our roll forming machines can also make: standing seam metal roof profile panels
  • belvedere plenum wall panels
  • grand V panels/grand C panels
  • span wall panel profile panels


Shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.

Safe and easy to operate with Mitsubishi PLC touch screen operating system.Friendly man-machine interaction.

Technician can be sent to your factory to install the machine and train your workers. Engineers are able to service overseas. We supply lifetime services for our machines.

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