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Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

ZHONGYUAN ROLLFORMING offers an extensive line of roll forming machines for metal sheet and panel roll forming production.
With over 30 years in the roll former manufacturing industry, we’ve got the innovation and technology to provide you with state-of-the-art
machines that perfectly meet your fabrication needs and the best roll-forming solutions to your fabrication challenges.
We have served 760+ clients from various industries, including building, automotive production, custom-made manufacturing, etc.

Which Double Layer Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Are You Looking For?

The three double layer forming machines displayed below are our best-selling products. If you haven’t found double roll forming machine you desire or want to know double layer roll forming machine price, feel free to contact us. Let us know your questions or requirements, and our roll forming machine experts will provide you with a satisfactory response within 24 hours.

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Double Layer Panel Roll Forming Machine

Feeding width or coil width : 1200mm (Can be designed as per buyer’s request)
Effective width: 1000mm                              
Material Thickness:0.3 mm-0.7mm                      
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils   
Yield strength of material: 235Mpa-350Mpa / 500-550Mpa for option

Double Layer Roll Former

Raw material thickness :0.4-0.7mm
Motor power : 7.5KW
Hydraulic system power: 2.2KW
High forming: about 25m/min.

Double Layer Forming Machine For Metrocopo And Metra

Feeding width or coil width : 1200mm 
Material Thickness:0.4 mm-0.6mm                      
Applicable material: PPGI steel coils   
Yield strength of material: 235Mpa-350Mpa

structure & Component Description

Application of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

We offer a wide range of different roof panel machines for the walls, roofs, steel decks, step tiles, and standing seam profiles.
You can place your order for a single machine or order for bulk roof&wall roll forming machine.



Construction Industry Roll forming machine



Greenhouse Profile Roll
Forming Machine



Custom Application Roll
forming machine



Automotive industry Roll forming machine



Roll forming machine
for industry

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Table of Contents

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine: Revolutionizing Metal Sheet Production

Roll forming machines have become an indispensable part of the metalworking industry, enabling the efficient and cost-effective production of metal sheets for various applications. Among the latest advancements in this technology is the double layer roll forming machine, a versatile and high-capacity equipment that has revolutionized metal sheet production.

Advantages of Double Layer Roll Forming Machines

> Increased Production Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of using a double layer roll forming machine is the significant increase in production efficiency. With two independent roll forming stations, it becomes possible to produce two different profiles simultaneously, effectively doubling the output.

> Versatility in Production

Double layer roll forming machines offer exceptional versatility, as they can produce two different profiles with varying shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. This adaptability makes them suitable for fulfilling diverse customer demands and industry requirements.

> Cost-effectivenessn

While double layer roll forming machines may have a higher initial investment, they prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. The enhanced production efficiency and the ability to cater to multiple product types justify the investment over time.

Components of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

A typical double layer roll forming machine comprises several essential components that contribute to its seamless operation:

> Uncoiler

The uncoiler is responsible for holding and feeding the metal coil into the machine steadily. It ensures a smooth and continuous flow of material throughout the production process.

> Feeding System

The feeding system accurately positions the metal strip for precise roll forming. It ensures that the material is fed into the roll forming stations with the correct dimensions and alignment.

> Roll Forming Stations

The roll forming stations shape the metal strip progressively as it passes through the machine. Each station imparts a specific bend or contour, contributing to the final profile.

> Hydraulic Cutting System

The hydraulic cutting system is responsible for cutting the continuous profile into desired lengths. It ensures precise and clean cuts to achieve uniform product dimensions.

> PLC Control System

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system acts as the brain of the double layer roll forming machine. It enables seamless integration and synchronization of all components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Working Principle of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

The working of a double layer roll forming machine can be summarized in the following steps:

> Step 1: Material Loading and Uncoiling

The process begins with loading the metal coil onto the uncoiler. The coil unwinds as the material is fed into the machine for processing.

> Step 2: Feeding and Roll Forming

The feeding system positions the metal strip correctly as it enters the roll forming stations. Each station gradually shapes the material according to the desired profile.

> Step 3: Cutting and Stacking

After passing through the roll forming stations, the continuous profile is cut into individual lengths using the hydraulic cutting system. The cut pieces are then stacked for further handling.

> Step 4: Finished Product Output

The finished products are now ready for packaging or further processing, depending on their intended application.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Selecting the right double layer roll forming machine for your production needs requires careful consideration of several factors:

> Material Compatibility

Ensure that the machine can handle the specific type and thickness of metal you intend to use. Different materials may require adjustments to the roll forming stations and cutting systems.

> Production Speed and Capacity

Evaluate the machine’s production speed and capacity to ensure it meets your desired output levels. Consider future expansion needs as well.

> Customization Options

Check if the machine offers customization options to accommodate unique product designs and requirements.

> Maintenance and Service

A reliable maintenance and service support network is essential to keep the machine running optimally and minimize downtime.

Tips for Operating Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

To ensure the longevity and efficient operation of a double layer roll forming machine, consider the following tips:

> Regular Maintenance

Schedule routine maintenance checks to inspect and lubricate the machine’s components, preventing wear and tear.

> Proper Material Handling

Ensure proper handling and storage of raw materials to avoid damage and ensure consistent production quality.

> Safety Precautions

Implement and adhere to strict safety protocols to protect operators from potential hazards during machine operation.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Despite their efficiency, double layer roll forming machines may encounter some issues during operation:

> Material Jamming

Material jamming can occur if the feeding system is misaligned or if foreign debris enters the machine. Clearing the jam and inspecting the system can resolve the issue.

> Uneven Product Quality

Uneven product quality may result from misaligned roll forming stations or improper material feeding. Adjusting the settings and performing regular maintenance can rectify the problem.

> Machine Malfunction

In case of machine malfunction, consult the PLC control system to identify the root cause and perform necessary repairs.

> Conclusion

Double layer roll forming machines have emerged as game-changers in the metalworking industry. Their ability to produce two different profiles simultaneously, coupled with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, makes them a preferred choice for manufacturers worldwide. With further advancements in technology, these machines will continue to shape the metal fabrication landscape, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Single layer roll forming machines produce one profile at a time, while double layer machines can produce two different profiles simultaneously.

Yes, double layer roll forming machines are designed to handle different materials and thicknesses simultaneously, offering increased flexibility in production.

Ensuring operator safety involves providing proper training, implementing safety protocols, and using safety features built into the machine.

Yes, many double layer roll forming machines offer customization options to accommodate unique product designs and specifications.

Regular maintenance should be performed at scheduled intervals, and any signs of wear or malfunction should be addressed promptly to avoid downtime and ensure optimal performance.

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