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Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine

  • The warranty is 36 months after the client receives the machine.
  • Within The 36 months, we will send replacement parts to the client free of charge. 
  • Provide life technology support and maintenance service .
  • Operation manual and installation videos will be supplied to buyers when delivery of machines.

Technical Data Of Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine

One angle iron roll forming machine can do following different sizes, automatic forming and punching in one angle roll forming line, automatic adjustment. Special sizes of angle can be designed in our company.

Suitable Material Cold-rolled steel coils
Thickness of raw material 1.5-4.0mm (235-345Mpa)
Size of C purlin 30-100mm adjustable  (special size available)
Material of roller Cr12 mould steel being quenched treatment,HRC58-60
Material of cutter blade& punching die Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, HRC58-60
Material of shaft High quality 45# steel with heat treatment. Roller grinder milling.
Power Requirement Main motor power:15Kw(Depend on final design)
Hydraulic station power: 7.5Kw (Depend on final design)
Diameter of shaft for rollers 82mm
Controlling system Mitsubishi PLC & converter
Quantity of rollers about 16 stations for main rollers
Weight of machine About 17500KGS
Size of machine About 12.5mX1.9mx1.7m

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Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine

China Zhongyuan Machinery Manufacturer established in the year 2003 are indulged in manufacturing and exporting Roll Forming Machine. We offer an extensive range of Roll Forming Machine, C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Cold Sheet Forming Machine,Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine. We supply the best quality products to our clients. in addition to this, we also provide on-time delivery of roll forming machines.

We guarantee lifetime services for our machines.Our experience technicians can go to your factory and train your workers.

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Quick Details

  • Brand: Zhongyuan
  • Machine name:100X100mm Angle iron roll forming machine
  • Raw material:GI steel coils or black steel coils
  • Raw material thickness :2.0-4.0mm
  • Motors required :15+7.5KW
  • Punching style: stop to punching automatically.
  • Forming speed: about15m/min.
  • Gross weight: 16500kgs
  • Diameter of shaft for rollers: dia. 82mm
  • Punching head material: CR12MOV. Heat treatment.
  • Cutting Blade: CR12MOV. Heat treatment. Guarantee 3 years usage life.
  • Machine size: About 12.5mX1.9mx1.7m
  • Controller : Mitsubishi PLC , converter and screen.
  • Guarantee term two years
  • Delivery time: within 90 days.

Product Showing

profile made by Angle iron roll forming machine

Application of Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine

Types Of Angle Bar That Zyforming Automatic Angle Cold Roll Forming Machine Can Make

  • L-Angle: Also known as L-shaped angle or unequal angle, it has one side longer than the other, forming a right angle.
  • Equal Angle: Also referred to as right angle or 90-degree angle, it has equal sides meeting at a right angle.
  • U-Angle: Also known as U-shaped angle or channel angle, it resembles the letter “U” with two parallel sides connected by a base.
  • Z-Angle: Also known as Z-shaped angle, it resembles the letter “Z” with two diagonal sides connected by a horizontal base.
  • C-Angle: Also referred to as C-shaped angle or lip angle, it has a curved or rounded profile resembling the letter “C.”
  • Slotted Angle: An angle profile with a series of regularly spaced slots along one or both sides, allowing for easy adjustment and assembly.
  • Perforated Angle: An angle profile with a pattern of holes punched along one or both sides, providing ventilation or mounting options.
  • Rounded Edge Angle: An angle profile with rounded edges instead of sharp corners, providing a smoother and safer profile.
  • Unequal Leg Angle: Also known as unequal leg L-angle, it has one leg longer than the other, forming an angle other than 90 degrees.
  • These are some of the commonly used angle profile names, but variations and specific names may differ based on regional or industry-specific terminology.

Application Field Of Cold Roll Forming Machine for Angle

An angle profile roll forming machine is a versatile tool used in various industries for shaping and forming metal angles. Here are some applications of angle profile roll forming machines:

 Angle profiles are commonly used in construction for structural support, framing, and bracing. Angle profile roll forming machines can produce angle sections with precise dimensions and consistent quality, making them ideal for manufacturing angles used in building frameworks, lintels, supports, and other structural elements.

Angle profiles are widely used in the manufacturing of shelving and racking systems. Angle profile roll forming machines can create customized angles with specific dimensions and hole patterns, allowing for the production of shelves, racks, and storage systems tailored to specific requirements.

Angle profiles find application in the electrical and electronics industry for manufacturing cable trays, equipment racks, and enclosures. Angle profile roll forming machines can produce complex angles with slots, holes, and other custom features needed for cable management and equipment installation.

Angle profiles are utilized in the fabrication of furniture frames, cabinets, and shelves. Angle profile roll forming machines can create angles of various sizes and shapes, enabling the production of customized furniture components with precise dimensions and consistent quality.

Angle profiles are used in the automotive industry for manufacturing various components, such as chassis frames, bumpers, seat frames, and body reinforcements. Angle profile roll forming machines can produce angles with specific cross-sections and geometries required for these applications.

Angle profiles are employed in the agricultural sector for manufacturing equipment like trailers, brackets, and supports. Angle profile roll forming machines can create angles with high strength and durability, suitable for withstanding harsh environmental conditions and heavy loads.

Angle profiles are widely used in the construction of solar panel mounting systems. Angle profile roll forming machines can produce angles with pre-punched holes and custom profiles required for securely mounting solar panels on rooftops or ground-based structures.


These are just a few examples of the applications of Steel Angle Roll former.The versatility and flexibility of these machines make them invaluable in various industries where precise and consistent angle profiles are needed.

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