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A Reliable Roll Former Supplier Is The Key To Boost/Start Your Metal Panel Business

Whether it is an experienced metal roofing business or a new one entering the industry, finding a reliable metal sheet roll forming machine supplier is a challenge.

Before you start searching for your supplier, you should understand what a reliable roll-forming machine supplier should be like.

A roll forming machine supplier, can be a metal roll former manufacturer, a dealer, or a distributor. The price, quality of products, service, technical support they provide, and their experience can vary.

Generally, companies and factories with longer operation time in the roll forming machine industry, have a deeper understanding of the industry and machines, more exquisite manufacturing technology, more complete service system, and more freight experience, which can basically save their clients from unnecessary troubles in various links.

Zyforming, with more than 20 years of experience in roll forming machine R&D, is confident that Zyforming can be your most reliable sheet metal roll former supplier.

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How Does Zyforming Help With Your Business?

1 Save you the cost of purchasing a high-quality roll forming machine.

Zyforming can offer the most favorable price as we make machines from raw materials in our self-operated factory, which saves costs from every stage of machine production.

2 Guarantee the High Quality and High Precision of sheet metal roll forming machines

We can control every link of production ourselves, and the quality of each part of the machine can be strictly controlled.

3 Control The Quality of Our Roll Forming Machines

How does Zyforming control quality of our roll forming machines?

  • Rollers of forming machine

All rollers manufactured from 45# steel   

CNC machines can improve rollers’ precision.  

Chromate finish on the surface to add hardness of rollers.



  • Design bearings inside forming rollers.

Design bearing inside the rollers to make machine run with less loading so that rollers not easy to damage.

Ensure the same speed between the rollers, no speed difference between rollers, improve the forming accuracy.

Bearings are helping to prolong machine life.

  • High Accuracy Shaft

Solid shafts dia.72mm.

Solid steel shafts are being tooling twice with grinding machine to ensure final precision. Guarantee buyer get high accuracy sheet from Zhongyuan made machine.


  • Main machine body

Side wall thickness: Q235 with a thickness of 40mm.

Machine frame is planned on surface by planning machine to improve process precision.

16A-1 Chain and gear move the line, motor drives, about 26-steps stations to form.

All processed rollers are assembled on the carpet to avoid scratching on the rollers’ surface.


4 Recommend the metal panels that are most suitable for your market in your area.

Our customers are all over the world, so we have a good understanding of which metal profile sheets are the hottest in the market in each region. The version we recommend to you will definitely enhance the competitiveness of your business.

5 Customize Your profile sheet manufacturing machine solutions for special profile sheets.

We have provided metal panel rolling solutions to 2000+ customers to more than 70 countries, hence we have a good understanding of how to create the most suitable machine according to your needs. We have rich experience to ship machines to customer’s ports. So you can rely us to get satisfied roll former successfully.

The solution we provide can help you save production time and labor, and help you increase output and product quality.

6 Assistance with installation and operation training at your factory.

We can send professional technicians to your factory to help you install profile roll forming machine, guide your personnel to operate it and guide the subsequent machine cleaning and maintenance work. 

If you are looking for a roll forming machine supplier, contact Zyforming right now! Take the opportunity to give yourself a deeper understanding of the industry and our machines, and let us help you gain more benefits.

May Fu

May Fu

Hello Customers,
My name is May Fu, I am the sales manager for Zyforming. I have been working in roll forming machine industry for over 20 years. I can recommend the most suitable roll forming machine to you at the most competitive prices. From product selection to addressing any issues that may arise during your purchasing, I am well-versed in every aspect and can assure you of the most hassle-free service! Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

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