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A Guide To Custom Roll Forming Machine Stands. Does The Stand Really Matter?

Roll forming stands are critical parts that contribute to the seamless production of various industrial components, from roofing panels to automotive parts. However, understanding the intricacies of these essential components can be daunting for newcomers to the industry. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of roll forming stands, offering a detailed overview to empower you in making informed decisions when investing in roll forming machinery. (Or you can just contact us! We are Zyforming, having 20+ years of experience in customizing roll forming machines for customers worldwide! We are confidenct to say that we can provide you with the best roll forming solutions!)

Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machines

Roll forming machine stands are used to hold the rolling tools. Without roll forming machine stands, the rollers cannot function properly. Different roll forming machine manufacturers have slightly different designs for roll former stands. These differences may include minor details in appearance, such as color and shape. In fact, roll forming machine stands typically come in three types:

  • Integrated-type roll forming stand
  • Independent-type roll-forming stand
  • Variations-type roll forming stand

Integrated-Type Roll Forming Stands:

Let’s begin with integrated-type roll forming stands, the foundational elements of roll forming machines. These stands are engineered to shape thin materials, typically less than 1.5mm thick. Constructed from robust steel plates welded onto the machine base, integrated stands offer a cost-effective solution for various applications. Operating at lower speeds, they provide stability and reliability, making them a popular choice for manufacturers seeking efficiency without compromising quality.

Independent-Type Roll Forming Stands

Independent-Type Roll Forming Stands:

Moving on to independent-type roll forming stands, which offer versatility and specialization tailored to specific production requirements. Two primary structures dominate this category: the Guide Pillar and Torii designs. The Guide Pillar structure, renowned for its refined aesthetics and precision, caters to high-end applications with electroplated slides and bars enhancing both functionality and appearance. In contrast, the Torii structure, characterized by its robustness reminiscent of traditional architectural elements, is favored for heavy-duty tasks demanding durability and strength, albeit at a higher cost.

Integrated-Type Roll Forming Stands

Variations-type roll forming stand:

Variations in roll forming stands include standard mills, cantilevered mills, double high mills, and side-by-side mills, each serving distinct purposes:

1) Standard mills feature shaft support on both sides, with the drive-side coupling to a motor. This common design facilitates tool changing by allowing the removal of the stand supporting shafts on the operator side.

2) Cantilevered mills have shaft support only on one side, typically the drive-side, offering a simple and cost-effective solution suitable for forming simple and narrow sections, contingent upon deflection analysis.

3) Double high mills maximize space utilization by incorporating two levels of stands, enabling production of two profile types in the same machine, beneficial for factories with limited space.

Side-by-side mills employ longer shafts accommodating multiple sets of rolls, reducing tool changeover time and enabling sequential production of different profiles within the same machine, akin to double high mills.

Variations-type roll forming stand

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