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Play Video about 1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming Machine

1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming Machine

What Is A Cladding Roll Forming Machine?
This metal cladding roll-forming machine is utilized for shaping metal roof panels, metal wall panels and facade siding through precision rolling. It also named roofing cladding machines and siding roll forming machines.

Typically, the multi-panel cladding roll forming line comprises metal decoilers, forming devices, and an output support table.

At Zyforming, your trusted cladding roll forming equipment factory, standard cladding roll formers for commonly used profiles are readily available. Additionally, our roll forming machine can be tailored and produced based on customers’ specific profile drawings.

  • The warranty is 36 months after the client receives the machine.
  • Within The 36 months, we will send replacement parts to the client free of charge. 
  • Provide life technology support and maintenance service .
  • Operation manual and installation videos will be supplied to buyers when delivery of machines.

Main Technical Parameters Of Cladding Roll Forming machines

Zyforming multi-panel cladding roll forming machines are customizable, and our extensive experience enables us to tailor parameters to suit your production needs. If our standard parameters differ from your ideal specifications, feel free to inform us of your requirements. We can provide a FREE customization solution. In short, we can make your production more efficient and cost-effective.

Machine model Roof Forming Machine Operation way Automatic machine
Certification ISO9001,CE Warranty 36 Months
Customized Customized Advantage More 10 years life time
Weight About 12T Material thickness 0.3 mm-0.7mm
Suiting material PPGI steel coils Cutting material Cr12 .MOV.
Main motor 7.5KW Forming rollers qty. 25 stations
Shafts diameter 72mm Roller Material 45# Steel, plated chrome
Machine frame H400 Wall thickness 40mm
Forming speed 30-35m/min. Transportation In Containers, suiting for sea and road transmission.
Trademark Zhongyuan HS Code 84552210

Packaging Information
A 40-foot GP container is needed to load up the machine along with a mechanical decoiler.
We’ve ensured everything stays in top shape! The entire setup is coated with Wiped Anti Rust Oil, and the PLC controller is shielded by foam film.
For convenience, spare parts and small components are neatly packed in a plastic tooling box.
To guarantee safe transit, all components are securely fastened with steel wire inside the container. This setup is ideal for enduring long sea voyages.

Delivery Timeline
You’ll receive your machine within 60 days after we’ve received a 30% deposit and hammered out all the contract details with both the buyer and sellers.

How do we Manufacture
metal roof roll forming machine

Machine Body Parts

  • Feeding material guide device, use high speed steel on both sides;
  • Its feature of High hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance to guarantee long life.

  • Solid shafts dia. 72 mm for material thickness.
  • All shafts are tooled twice by cylindrical grinding machine to ensure final precision.
  • Guarantee buyers get high accuracy deck sheet from Zhongyuan made machine.


  • All Rollers manufactured from 45# steel
  • CNC machines can improve rollers precision.
  • Chromate finish on surface to add hardness of rollers.

  • Design bearings inside the rollers to allow machine run with less loading so that rollers not easy to damage.
  • Ensure the same speed between all the rollers, no speed difference between rollers, improve the forming accuracy.
  • Bearings are helping to prolong machine life. Our made forming machines are allowed using more 15 years.
  • Side wall thickness: Q235 with thickness of 40mm
  • 16A-1 Chain and gear move the line, motor drives, about 26-steps stations to form
  • All the screw bolts with grade 8.8(Some other factories use low grade4.8) to ensure fix the machine structure tightly and long life during the machine long time running.
  • All processed rollers are assembled on the carpet to avoid scratching on the rollers’ surface.


  • Post to cut, stop to cutting or no-stop cutting for option
  • All cutting frame are heat treatment to remove the original stress of steel, reduce deformation, improve stability 
  • Cutting tool material: Cr12MoV,hardness can reach 58-60Hrc.
  • Machine can cut as buyers wanted sheet length,full automatically.
  • Control The Quantity And Cutting Length Automatically
  • Input the production data(such as production quantity,Length,etc.)on the touch screen , machine can finish the set production plan automatically.
  • One time buyer can set 20 batch data in the programme.

Components of control system

PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, relays, etc


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)

Touch screen

Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) (Siemens for option)


OMRON or NEMICON (Japan brand)


Schneider(French brand)

Limit switch

Schneider(French brand)

Cut-to-Length Tolerance≤±1 mm

The Best Solution For
1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming Machine

China Zhongyuan Machinery Manufacturer established in the year 2003 are indulged in manufacturing and exporting Roll Forming Machine. We offer an extensive range of Roll Forming Machine, C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Cold Sheet Forming Machine,Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine. We supply the best quality products to our clients. in addition to this, we also provide on-time delivery of roll forming machines.

We guarantee lifetime services for our machines.Our experience technicians can go to your factory and train your workers.

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Machine Feature

This 1450mm width Metal Cladding roll forming machine is widely used to produce metal roof panel and cladding sheets for building.One machine can forming both 1220mm and 1450mm width steel coils. No any adjustment for two kinds of width material.It is popular machine in India market.

Machine Components

Suiting Raw Material 

Application of 1450 Coil Width Cladding
Roll Forming Machine

10 Steps To Scale Up Your Metal Cladding Business

To scale up production for your metal cladding business using roof and wall cladding roll forming machines, you’ll need to follow a strategic approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Evaluate Current Metal Cladding Production Capacity

Assess your current production capacity, including the number of orders you can fulfill within a given time frame, labor requirements, and machinery limitations.

2. Invest in Roof/Wall Panel Cladding Roll Forming Machines

Research and invest in high-quality cladding roll forming machines that meet your production needs. Consider factors such as speed, precision, and versatility. Zyforming cladding roll forming machine allows roller changing that enable you to produce metal roof and wal  panels in different shapes and styles. These two are our hot-sale cladding roll forming machines.

1450 Coil Width Cladding Roll Forming MachineFly cutting Metal Cladding Roll Forming Machine

3. Optimize Workflow

Design an efficient workflow that maximizes the output of your cladding roll forming machines. This includes streamlining material handling, optimizing machine setups, and minimizing downtime between production runs. If you have any questions about the cladding roll forming machine setups, feel free to contact us! As the real deal metal cladding roll forming machine manufacturing factory, we know the machine inside and out. We’ll help you with the effective setups!

4. Training and Skill Development

Train your staff  on operating the new roll forming machines effectively. Ensure they understand safety protocols, cladding roll forming machine maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures to minimize disruptions. Zyforming offers training videos, online and offline training support, and we’re always happy to help you.

5. Material Sourcing and Inventory Management

Establish reliable partnerships with metal suppliers to ensure a steady flow of raw materials. Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Steel & Tin materials are commonly used in metal cladding, and these metal cladding sells well around the world. Moreover, implementing efficient inventory management systems to avoid stockouts and minimize waste is also important.

6. Quality Control Measures

Implement stringent quality control measures to maintain product consistency and meet customer expectations. Regularly inspect finished products for defects and make necessary adjustments to the production process. Zyforming roll forming machines are trusted by over 2000 customers worldwide. They love how well our machines perform, especially in roll forming. If you’d like to see our machines in action, you can check out our operation videos or schedule a video call with us. We’ll walk you through it online!

7. Scaling Up Staffing

Evaluate your staffing needs based on increased production capacity. Hire additional personnel as needed for machine operation, quality control, maintenance, and administrative tasks.

8. Market Expansion

Develop a marketing strategy to capitalize on your increased production capacity. Target new customer segments, explore geographic expansion opportunities and leverage digital marketing channels to reach a wider audience.

9. Customer Feedback and Adaptation

Solicit feedback from customers to identify areas for improvement and adapt your production processes accordingly. Continuously innovate to stay ahead of competitors and meet evolving market demands. In recent years, there have been new types of cladding introduced, featuring interlocking connections. Introducing new product types could offer you some great opportunities, but it’s crucial to research and calculate costs to see if it’ll be profitable for you.

10. Monitor Performance and Adjust

Regularly monitor key performance indicators such as production output, machine uptime, and customer satisfaction. Use this data to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for further optimization.

By following these steps, you can scale up production for your metal roofing business using roll-forming machines, improving efficiency, increasing output, and driving business growth.

We, Zyforming, are honored to be the trusted choice of over 2000 customers worldwide. We are always eager to grow together with your company. Looking forward to collaborating with you.

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